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We have several activities that reach out to those who are seeking Jesus and his salvation in other countries.

Ghana: We support a work in the Republic of Ghana in west Africa in the village of Assin, in the Fosu district.  This is one of the most progressive and stable countries in west Africa.  Even so its population has a personal annual income of only $1,700.  The work in Ghana is being led by Ebenezer Korsah, a native Ghanian under direction of the Princeton Church of Christ Elders.  We are very sad to report that Anthony Kirachi has left the mission work to go back to him home villiage to take a place as leader of his family clan.  

See some new pictures  sent to us from Ghana.

    Ebenezer and Patience            
    Ebenezer and Patience          

December Report on the Ghana Mission

Logo for Ghana work

Ebenezer Korsah & The Church in Ghana send “Greetings” to all the saints at Princeton! There are daily prayers for you! This year is rapidly closing and know that your love, sacrifice and support makes the daily difference in my 8 year partnership with you. God bless you all!

Additions to God’s Church-Year 2016:  The Y-T-D summary is 36 baptisms through December.  While our numbers are fewer this year, we can only plant and God will give the bounty.

Preaching Tour—Assin Akropong:

As a part of our preaching tour, we arrived at Assin Akropong. for 4 days in this town,  from Wednesday 30th November – Saturday 3rd December, preaching nightly in the street. Honestly, we were warmly welcomed by the natives of Assin Akropong, where we met many people and heard them commenting positively about our messages preached. We have again “watered” in anticipation, that later, the listeners will accept Christ via baptism!
Preaching Tour---Assin Brofoyeduru:
Assin Brofoyeduru was the next place we moved to with all our preaching equipments to continue with the campaign for Christ. We started the work from 14-17December. Again, we were warmly welcomed, but experienced no baptisms. We have again “watered”! This is our last preaching tour in the year 2016.

Annual Central Region Bible Camp---Assin Fosu:
This year’s Annual Church of Christ Bible Camp for Central Region of Ghana was held at Assin Fosu at The College of Education from 23-26December. 2016. This is the largest single event that Ebenezer’ participates in and the attendance this year was 980! It was sponsored by several congregations and several ministers spoke, in addition to Ebenezer. The 2016 Theme was “ What have they seen in your house?” Ebenezer was busy going up and down with the Van bus throughout the four days. Assin church of Christ Youth ministry was more than busy, assisting in cleanings, seating arrangements, hiring of mattresses and bedding, etc. Program of activities during these days were as follows: LECTURES, SINGING, BIBLE QUIZ, PRAYERS, BLOOD DONATION, and EYE SCREENING EXERCISE.

The Annual Deaf Camp Meeting---Bomso Congregation in Kumasi: Once again, the site of the Ghana Bible College Campus was the location for this event that always occurs over Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.  (Read more on this in the PDF download document above)

Ghana National Elections:
Ghana conducted very peaceful and extra-ordinary elections on December 7th 2016. It was seen as war free, problem free, respectable, joyful, etc. Ghanaians voted massively for the opposition (NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY). Voting was perfect, collation of results was perfect, and finally the declaration of winners was also in the right direction, OH BLESSED GHANA! We are now enjoying post election peace and tranquility in our nation Ghana. The next step is that we are in the transition period preparing for handing over’s and swearing in of the new president NANA ADDO DANQUAH AKUFFO on the 7th January 2017.


Son Gaius’s eye infection has improved. Regarding the Van bus, I must confess honestly, the car has been of enormous help to my ministry. It is still strong. It does the normal operations. I am very mindful of anything mechanical concerning the car. It has no problem at all. I have received the special $1000 PCC Bible Gift a few days ago; it will provide 92 Bibles in the Twi language. This is a wonderful gift for my ministry here and I am deeply appreciative to those who made this possible.

I am sending many photos this time to Max. I know Dan Rich puts them on the PCC web site. Hopefully, you will visit there and see the various new photos of our work.

Together, in His service,

Ebenezer Korsah
P. O. Box 231
Assin Fosu C/R
West Africa